Current Newspapers Shut Down

Washington Post media writer Erik Wemple is reporting that the Current Newspapers company has filed for bankruptcy liquidation:

The company had already filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. That allows a company or person to continue after the debts are paid or wiped out. Chapter 7 is straight liquidation, i.e. the end.

All in Georgetown, and the larger DC northwest, have relied on the Current to deliver local news for decades. Sadly we all were also witness to its sad decline, which was largely triggered by the same forces that have been wiping local newspapers off the map all over the country, namely sharp advertisement revenue declines.

Losing the Current is a huge blow for residents. It was often the only media source covering local topics on an ongoing basis, from ANC meetings to high school basketball games. Its loss will be sharply felt.

A relatively new online venture established by ex-Current editor Chris Kain called the DC Line has stepped in to cover a lot of what the Current previously covered. But it is online only. And there was nothing like getting your local news delivered for free to your doorstep every week.

So RIP Current Newspapers. We shall miss you…


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3 responses to “Current Newspapers Shut Down

  1. Jerry A. McCoy

    Since 2000 I have clipped newspaper articles from the Georgetown Current that specifically documented news and advertising specific to the Georgetown community. These article were copied onto acid-free paper and filed under appropriate subject headings for reference by researchers visiting the Peabody Room at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library. It saddens and distresses me that this incredibly important informational resource has thus ceased and going forward, very little to none of this community history will be preserved.

  2. georgetowncitizen

    This is so sad. I will very much miss the “Current.” The Washington Post covers the entire Metro area and thus G’town news gets limited attention. We still have the “Georgetowner,” and I appreciate it, but it always has been more a “social” and “essay” newspaper than a conveyor of hard news, as the “Current” was. So requiescat in pace.

  3. kerlin4321

    So sorry to lose an old friend. If no one fills the gap, perhaps the Georgetowner can expand its scope to include the kind of valuable local news and investigative reporting the Current offered.

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