Georgetown Time Machine: 101 Years Ago

This week on Georgetown Time Machine, GM is traveling back 101 years to an incredible aerial shot from the Library of Congress collection. The shot, merged from a series of aerial photos taken in 1918, shows a satellite-like photo of our city over a century ago. Here are some interesting details from zooming in on Georgetown:

One of the clearer sights is of the old aqueduct bridge, which stood for another 15 years before being demolished after being replace by the Key Bridge. (Ignore the white diagonal line, that is just a remnant from splicing the multiple aerial photos together).

Here’s a great view of the reservoir that once stood where the library is now.

O St.–shown running horizontally in the middle of this shot–appears to have very regularly spaced and sized trees. Perhaps the result of an earlier reforestation effort?

GM believes this is a streetcar barn that once stood between P and Q St., just west of Rock Creek Park.

Upper Georgetown was still essentially rural at this point, with lots of open, undeveloped space.

What else do you see?


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2 responses to “Georgetown Time Machine: 101 Years Ago

  1. jad6504

    Cool. North of Georgetown, you can see the Naval Observatory Building #1 (1893) at the very top of the image.

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