The Homecoming of Hyde-Addison

After many years of planning, fighting, and two years of construction, Hyde-Addison Elementary School is set for its homecoming this fall. The terracotta exterior of the new building has gone up and you can now get a good sense for how the new wing will mesh visually with the original two buildings. Georgetown is getting its school back.

Of course, the school didn’t close during the two years of construction. It was moved across town to swing space at the former Meyer Elementary school in Pleasant Plains on 11th St. just north of U St. This was a move that the neighborhood fought unsuccessfully. But that is water under the bridge now.

The new facilities will be gorgeous and will likely help bring Georgetown families back to Hyde who may have opted out of following the school to the swing site.

And if you are Georgetown (or Burleith) resident who would like to enroll your Kindergarten or older child at Hyde for next year, the school requests that you register as soon as possible to help them plan the right class sizes. (If you are interested in Pre-K 3 or Pre-K 4, you needed to have gone through the lottery, but there may be spots, so reach out to the school.) To register, fill out these forms and bring them to the current location of the school (2501 11th St. NW). Unfortunately you have to do it in person in order to prove residency.

There is no deadline to register, though. You can show up day one, and so long as you’re in boundary, they’ve got to take you. But it’s not a helpful approach! Let them know you’re coming now and they’ll save a space for you. And welcome back Hyde-Addison!

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