Trader Joe’s Showing Progress

The Trader Joe’s that is coming to the new development just over the line in Glover Park is showing progress. You can already see the grocery store’s fixtures, like chest freezers, getting installed.

GM had heard some residents express fears that perhaps it was not still coming, particularly because there’s still no sign announcing the store’s coming. But indeed it is still coming with a target open date of late summer.

Glover Park is hurting for grocery stores ever since the Whole Foods “temporarily” closed two years ago. With litigation still tying up the store in uncertainty, Glover Park residents either must come down to Georgetown’s Safeway, or trek further to other options. Trader Joe’s is no Whole Foods, but it’s got a passionate fan base and should help matters for our neighbors to the north.

As far as Georgetowners though, it’s not entirely clear what a difference the Trader Joe’s will make. GM has never totally embraced the store’s model, which seems to lean heavily on frozen processed food. But plenty of people feel differently. So we’ll see how much business it draws from the Safeway once it finally opens.

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