Cat Cafe Consolidating

The Georgetown cat cafe, Crumbs and Whiskers, will be moving its primary location from its original location at 3211 O St. to 3101 M St.

The M St. location is already the site of the store’s temporary kitten cafe pop-up. When that pop-up ends, the full cat cafe will consolidate there. Currently the pop-up is scheduled to run through June, so likely by July or August to O St. location will close.

This is a bit of a bummer. GM used to walk by the O St. location everyday after picking up his daughter from nursery school. Even if you’re not a “cat person” (and GM is not) you can’t help being charmed by a window full of lazy cats.

The M St. location–on top of being a street the Georgetowners mostly avoid–has a sunken entrance and the cats won’t be quite so on display. Oh well.

Now how about someone invent a puppy cafe?

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