You Can Take a Break on Watering Your Trees

GM is always haranguing you to water your street trees, but you can take a break for now! The nearly biblical amounts of rain we’ve had means we can skip watering.

This message comes from Casey Trees, which maintains an updated guide for when you need or don’t need to water your street trees. Right now it’s stating: “Batten down the hatches and stay safe folks! D.C. had record breaking rainfall today (over 3 inches in an hour, far exceeding the 1.5 inches young trees need weekly). Check your young trees later in the week and water if needed.”

So the let-off won’t last that long. By next week, pending more torrential downpours, it should be back to normal.

It seems odd, but overwatering is about as dangerous to a tree as underwatering it. It can essentially suffocate a tree if it is sitting in too much moisture. (For its species, that is. Some trees, like willows, thrive even in constantly soggy environments.) GM has a medium size hawthorn in his garden that he accidentally overwatered. It’s struggling now and might not make it. So be careful!

Again, as for the street trees, take a week off, but check back next week to see how the ground is doing. It will probably be time to start the regular watering again.

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