New Bagel Shop Coming to Georgetown Just Named One of Best New Restaurants In the Country

The food news website, Eater, just named the sixteen best new restaurants across the country, and a bagel shop coming to Georgetown made the list. That is, of course, Call Your Mother.

Now, obviously the Georgetown location didn’t make the list, since it’s not even open yet (and won’t be until later this year, at the earliest). But the deli’s original location in Park View, DC impressed the judges enough to make the list. They explain:

Call Your Mother isn’t the first D.C. restaurant to try to translate old-world deli culture, but based on the fanatical response and nearly hour-long weekend waits, it’s done it better than any before. With Eater Young Gun Daniela Moreira (’17) leading the kitchen and her partner, Andrew Dana, running the on-point branding, Call Your Mother nails the basics, then takes them a step further.

Call Your Mother’s Georgetown location will be at the corner of 35th and O St., in the former Greenworks space. No opening date has been announced, and they still have a long way to go before they are even able to announce one. GM would be somewhat surprised if it was open before 2020. But once it does open, it should be a great addition!

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