ANC2E Commissioner Joins Challengers to Evans

Jack Evans has many legal challenges ahead of him as he deals with a federal investigation into possible corruption. On top of his legal issues, he is now facing five different Ward 2 residents announcing runs against him for next year’s Ward 2 Democratic primary. That includes Foggy Bottom’s Patrick Kennedy, Dupont’s John Fanning and Daniel Hernandez, Shaw’s Jordan Grossman, and, as of June 26, Kishan Putta, ANC 2E Commissioner representing Burleith.

Putta was elected to ANC2E for the first time last fall, knocking off longtime commissioner Ed Solomon. But it wasn’t his first time on an ANC. He served on the Dupont Circle ANC before moving to Burleith several years ago. (ANC2E mostly includes Georgetown, but Putta’s district includes Burleith and Hillandale).

Joe Gibbons, ANC Commissioner for northwest Georgetown, endorsed Patrick Kennedy (GU commissioners, Anna Landre and Mathia Burdas, also signed on to endorse Kennedy). Putta, however, has pulled in another commissioner’s endorsement, Elizabeth Miller, who represents northeast Georgetown. GM ran Gibbons’ endorsement, so out of fairness, here is Miller’s:

“I have seen first-hand how committed Kishan is to our community. He is a great supporter for improvements to parks and recreation centers, like Jelleff in Georgetown and Stead Park in the Dupont/Logan Circle area.  As our councilmember, he will be dedicated to working in the best interest of our community whether on critical issues like public parks, schools, small businesses, or public safety issues. And, just try keeping up with him!  I don’t think he sleeps!”

GM said above that Jack Evans is facing these rivals on top of his legal issues. But really, the more candidates he faces, the more likely the anti-Evans vote will split and he’ll win. So in GM’s opinions, if Evans somehow survives the federal investigation, he will likely be reelected, unless the candidates agree to step away if one of them breaks away as the strongest candidate. Not an easy arrangement to forge!

While Putta is from ANC2E, if Evans does lose (or not run due to the legal issues) it appears that Georgetown will no longer host its own councilmember for the first time in decades.

The primary is June 2, 2020. It’s going to be an exciting eleven months or so before we get there…


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