Free Circulator Rides Coming to an End

The city has been providing free rides on the Circulator bus lines since February as part of the Mayor’s “Fair Shot” initiative. Georgetowners have been the (perhaps unintended) beneficiaries of this free ride, but the free ride is about to end: the buses will go back to charging again on October 1st.

The mayor wanted to keep the free rides going indefinitely, but the Council voted to strip funding for that plan in the spring. The Council’s logic is fairly easy to understand: the Circulator buses disproportionately travel through well-off neighborhoods. The riders from those neighborhoods (e.g. Georgetowners)–not to mention tourists–don’t need to be getting free rides while normal Metrobuses still charge full fare.

There are probably a lot more worthy places for the city to throw its money at in order to increase transit ridership. (Like more dedicated bus lanes for one thing). So despite an effort by the mayor’s toady on the Council, the funding is unlikely to be reinstated.

Enjoy one last week of free Circulator rides, and get that Metrocard ready for October 1st.

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One response to “Free Circulator Rides Coming to an End

  1. georgetowncitizen

    I completely agree with the Council. But heh, it will be sad to lose that fare-free pass onto the Circulator. I am one of those “rich” (ahem) G’town residents who don’t need a free fare, even if (another “ahem”) I am paying through the nose in taxes to help support the other half of the city. Even we “rich” people enjoy a perk upon occasion.

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