Suit Store Miraculously Avoids Imminent Closure Repeatedly

Riccardi Clothier is a suit shop at Wisconsin and O. It’s been there since about 2015, when it relocated from M St. And it’s business story is one of repeated miracles.

For you see, there have been multiple times when the store was about to close. They had signs up and everything. Here is the store in April 2016 when they were clearly in the final stages of a store going out of business:

Despite facing the end, somehow a miracle occurred and the store stayed in business.

Then, despite this amazing recovery, the storm clouds appeared again in July, and sadly they had to put the signs back up announcing the closure all over again:

And yet, miracle of miracles, the store stayed open.

This was not the first time Riccardi had a brush with imminent closure only to defy the odds and stay open. For instance, when it was on M St. way back in 2011, they announced with the same signs that they were about to close:

And nevertheless, it persisted.

There can be no doubt that the store is truly blessed by a guardian angel that periodically withholds its blessings only to then bestow them once again on a semi-regular basis. There is no doubt because, of course, falsely claiming an imminent closure is illegal. It a disreputable business practice that preys on customers (particularly tourists and other out of town visitors) who are fooled into thinking they’re getting a huge bargain from a dying business. So clearly it’s not that. It’s just a cycle of near closure followed by miraculous recovery.

This cycle happened again recently. The store announced its closure via new signs last month. And yet once more the guardian angel swooped in to save the store. It even gave the store a brand new sign above the awning! What a stroke of good luck!

One day this store will announce a closure, and yet somehow actually close. But by then the stars of all the galaxies will be extinguished and the universe will be a cold dead place. Then and only then will its watch end.

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  1. potomacgirl

    Well done!

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