Please, God, Please Stop With the F%^*&N Banks

Georgetown continues to get inundated with extremely unwanted banks. After Chase announced three goddam locations in Georgetown, now United Bank is opening a third one itself.

Specifically, as reported by WBJ, United Bank is opening in part of the space that was most recently a Barney’s Coop at 3030 M St. This is on top of the location at the foot of Wisconsin Ave. and K St. (the former Bank of Georgetown flagship) and the location by the Safeway (which was formerly a Cardinal Bank).


The true villains are, of course, the landlords and developers who rent to these streetlife-sucking pits. In this particular case it is Douglas Development who is more interested in getting a rent check than contributing to the vitality of the neighborhood. (Douglas Development also has a fairly poor reputation for sitting on blighted historic properties, waiting for development to build up around it, and then cashing in). It’s truly a tragedy of the commons situation. Banks want to open here for the cache and exposure, but the more they feed off that exposure the less reason people have to come to Georgetown and see the banks in the first place.

We need to put a stop to this cancer. We need a moratorium on banks. Whether by way of zoning, punitive tax hikes or some other means, we cannot let landlords continue to let their properties become such huge net negatives. THERE ARE GOING TO BE 18 BANKS IN GEORGETOWN ONCE THIS OPENS. This is madness and it must be stopped.


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2 responses to “Please, God, Please Stop With the F%^*&N Banks

  1. georgetowncitizen

    So what Georgetown Metropolitan is saying essentially is that these banks are using G’town as a f…ing billboard. Because no one of the affluence of G’town folk and with half a brain is going to stick their money at 1% or so interest in a bank. There are far better investment vehicles. So I guess it’s all for show for rubes elsewhere…even as it detracts from our neighborhood.

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