Hallelujah, Banks Can Also Close

Georgetown has become absolutely inundated with bank branches in recent years. As of last week, there were 18 of them open in the neighborhood, with no signs that we’ve remotely flattened the curve on them. Well perhaps there is now a glimmer of hope: the HSBC has closed.

The now former branch, located at 1715 Wisconsin Ave., is probably closing as a result of the bank’s decision to trim 30% of its branches. (This slimming was announced even before the COVID-19 pandemic.) Would that other banks would follow them!

HSBC has only been at that location since about 2009. Previously this spot hosted the lovely Japan Inn restaurant:


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2 responses to “Hallelujah, Banks Can Also Close

  1. Alison Alten

    Now let’s lobby for something interesting that actually needs the parking!!!

    Alison home 202 338 4910 mobile 202 468 1422


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