This Was Inevitable But It’s Still a Shame

Yesterday workers were out in front of the soon-to-be-a-Chase-Bank at Wisconsin and P to repave the parking lot. This was inevitable, but it is still a shame and a huge missed opportunity.

Street facing surface parking lots should not exist in Georgetown. It is a huge waste of precious commercial real estate and reflects a misplaced suburban mindset that customers must drive.

Nowhere is that more clear than with this property. When there was still a chance this property would revert to a market use, there was talk of either turning the parking lot into a small condo building, or otherwise repurposing the space for pedestrian use. Just imagine an outdoor cafe, or beer garden, or really anything designed for humans, not cars.

But when Chase bought the property it was inevitable that this gigantic corporation would bring with that suburban mindset. And yesterday put a thick layer of asphalt over the hopes that this could be used for anything but the storage of a couple people’s SUVs.

Everything Chase has done when coming into DC has been tone deaf and callous. Buying up historic buildings like this one across the city just to plop in a three dimensional billboard has been its MO. All so that it can steal a little business away from Capitol One or Wells Fargo. A zero sum game that leaves us worse off.


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3 responses to “This Was Inevitable But It’s Still a Shame

  1. that is a thick layer of macadam. Leaves about 1″ left of curb. Must be expecting some seriously heavy SUVs to be parking in that lot

  2. While I agree I wish it were something else, I am excited about having some open space to use for events and entertainment. We are sorely lacking open space along Wisconsin Ave for such things. So I’m excited to activate the space for community events. I’ll try to keep a positive mindset about it 🙂

  3. kerlin4321

    I’m happy they didn’t build over the space since this gives the next owner/tenant a chance to use it for open-air purposes, as the commenter above me would like to see. The day will come when Chase and the other banks realize this is a a stupid way to advertise and they aren’t getting enough bang for their buck. Plus, much of Georgetown is now a food desert and we really could use a Neam’s again, not another bank posing as a woke venue.

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