Georgetown Time Machine: Montrose Walk

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM visits again the archive of the Historical Society of Washington DC. This particular shot is of R St. from 1975. The listing says it’s the 2900 block of R St., but that’s wrong. This is the 3000 block of R St. GM knows because he lived here for eight years.

At the center of the shot are four of the multiunit condos that are part of the Montrose Walk condominiums. Each unit occupies one floor of the rowhouses. There are ten more rowhouses on the other end of the block. In total there are 43 units.

What’s particularly striking about this photo is how the rowhouses are painted different colors. Now they’re all stately red brick:

Looks like they redid the cornice at some point too.

The buildings were constructed in 1890 and have always been apartments, as far as GM could tell. But they have not always been condominiums. GM’s not sure when they were converted, but he knows some current residents are readers, so perhaps they can chime in in the comments!

Anyway, it’s a lovely place to live, and GM still misses living there.

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  1. georgetowncitizen

    As a Montrose resident (and thus former neighbor of Topher’s), I can answer his question: Montrose Walk was converted from rental apartments to a condominium in 1975…the same year the picture was taken. It was soon thereafter that the exterior paint scheme was changed to provide one color for all the units. For much of its rental history dating back to 1890, Montrose offered low-cost working class apartments, many of whose occupants worked in waterfront industries. As a condo it’s still a relative bargain for G’town, with units selling for around $650-700,000.

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