Foxtrot Market Sounds Pretty Cool, Honestly

GM mentioned last week that among the future openings announced at the BID/ANC event was a restaurant named Foxtrot. It’s coming to the former Jonathan Adler space at Wisconsin and N St. But as GM has learned a little more about this place, he’s actually rather excited for it.

Foxtrot is actually called Foxtrot Market. It’s a small company that started in Chicago. It has seven locations in the Windy City. It has branched out a bit with a location in Dallas (and another on the way).

The stores appear to be a mix of high end beer/wine shops with a coffee shop and prepared food to boot. Some even have ice cream shops inside them. It’s not clear yet what the Georgetown location will have, but it’ll probably be bougie. Which we could use some more of!

The store also seems to have a big business in delivering a while range of grocery items all within 60 minutes. GM’s not sure if this delivery service will also come to DC, but it would be a nice feature if it did.

The location is probably not too close to M St. to ward away residents, while still being close enough to benefit from the higher foot traffic. Should be a pretty interesting addition to the neighborhood!

The only negative GM can think of is that this would have been perfect for the old Neam’s Market at P and Wisconsin. Sadly we’ll have to live with a Chase Bank wasting the space instead…

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