Call Your Mother Decision Delayed Till January

The Board of Zoning Adjustment met yesterday and considered again the zoning relief application of the Call Your Mother. Despite this being the third time the board heard arguments about the application, it still did not come to a decision. No decision will be made before mid January.

As explained in the link above, the BZA was considering a modification of the application. Instead of seeking a variance from use restrictions, the applicant was seeking a variance from the area restrictions which prevents them from taking advantage of the corner store rules. If they qualified for those, then they’d be able to operate as they like as a matter of right.

Before hearing arguments from the parties, the board made a decision to recognize one of the neighbors as a party to the proceeding. This enabled her to formally ask questions of the applicant, any witnesses and the Office of Planning. More importantly it enabled her to file additional materials for the board’s consideration. In order to give her time to file those materials, the board delayed its decision. Unfortunately after next week, it’s not meeting again until January. So no decision can be made until then.

Again, reading the tea leaves it appears that the board is going to approve and is giving the protesting party the opportunity to put in all her evidence now. This will make any potential subsequent legal challenge to the variance less likely to succeed. The chair essentially said as much to Call Your Mother’s attorney.

So the wait for good bagels will go on and in the meantime the reputation of Georgetown as a comically nimby group of busybodies will grow.



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4 responses to “Call Your Mother Decision Delayed Till January

  1. Carol Ross Joynt

    Wow. Wish I understood this ordeal. It reads like, “Wait, we haven’t tied enough knots. Let’s tie more knots.” Georgetown needs bagels, good bagels, and if they can’t find a place that would welcome them on the west side of the village, I for one would warmly welcome them on the east side. In fact, I would gladly trade every new bank for a new quality food shop!

  2. This West Georgetowner would very much like to buy bagels from 35th and O.

  3. This is not about whether CYM should be in Georgetown. Maybe they should. There are many vacant commercial properties on Wisconsin and M that they should consider. This is about whether residential areas should bear a commercial burden of traffic, noise, safety, sanitation and other issues. The issue is not binary. If CYM wants to be in Georgetown so badly and everyone wants them, that’s great. Let’s find them an appropriate commercial space within which to operate.

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