Jack Evans Relinquishes Councilmember Plates

3100 block of P St.

If there’s one thing people complained most about Jack Evans, it was his parking habits (it even inspired an Instragram account). And if there was anything that got Evans upset most to hear, it was complaints about his parking.

Relying on legal immunity, Evans often parked his iconic blue Chrysler Seabring on 32nd St. and P, just past the no parking sign. That immunity is no more. He has relinquished his Ward 2 Councilmember plates and now sports generic plates (apparently not ponying up for vanity plates, or specialty plates).

In all honesty, GM has noticed Evans parking legally a lot more recently. Maybe as the ethics investigation raged on, he wanted to avoid obvious abuses. Or maybe he knew where things were going and wanted to get used to it?

Anyhow, Evans always said that him parking illegally simply opened up a spot for someone else. Will his neighbors now regret that he is no longer making that sacrifice? Doubtful.

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