Lacking All Shame Or Contrition, Jack Evans Runs For Seat He Just Quit In Disgrace

In a move as shameless as it is cynical, Jack Evans is running to reclaim the Council seat he just quit under imminent threat of expulsion.

With six candidates already running for the seat, Evans’ strategy is a clear as it is Trumpian: allow the vote to be split and win a small plurality. By taking this step, whatever withered husk of a reputation remained has been covered in a pile of excrement and set aflame.

And it reveals as true what GM has been saying all along: Evans is only sorry for being caught. He has never once expressed any true contrition for any of his serious ethical violations, despite there being plenty to choose from.

This man is an embarrassment and he’s aiming to make Ward 2 as much of an embarrassment. Frankly, he shouldn’t even be thinking about running for office until he pays back to the city the $1 million that the special election will cost–a special election made necessary by his years of unethical behavior finally coming to light.

He didn’t even have the courage to accept the punishment of expulsion, which his colleagues on the Council were about to levy on him. And most of those colleagues have already expressed exasperation at his selfish decision. And the possibility remains that his victory would cause them to simply move ahead with the expulsion his resignation made moot.

And this craven act has again robbed the ward of an opportunity to choose the next councilmember without fear of simply paving the road for an unethical, and criminally investigated hanger-on to win by default.

Go. Away. Jack. Just accept that you’ll have to park like the rest of us.


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3 responses to “Lacking All Shame Or Contrition, Jack Evans Runs For Seat He Just Quit In Disgrace

  1. Brad Altman

    Same strategy Marion Barry used many times.

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