Vote Kennedy for Ward 2

Ward 2 needs new leadership, and the candidate best positioned and qualified to provide it is Patrick Kennedy.

Kennedy can unite the ward around a powerful and inclusive agenda of ethics reform, crucial housing growth, stronger schools, and better transportation options. He has served as a successful commissioner on the Foggy Bottom ANC since 2012, and has been selected chair of the commission five times, including this year. He has won plaudits and endorsements from commissioners across the ward. This includes three of the four Georgetown commissioners who have made endorsements. And earlier today, Phil Mendelson, Chair of the the DC Council–a person with whom the next Ward 2 councilmember absolutely must have a good relationship–endorsed Patrick.

Patrick has wide support, ranging from the business community to progressive organizations like Greater Greater Washington and the Sierra Club. This reflects Patrick’s success in building bridges between multiple parties to leverage the limited power of an ANC to achieve meaningful success, such as saving Francis-Stevens school from closure and brokering an agreement for a new and vital helipad at GW Hospital.

And if you hear Patrick speak, you are immediately impressed with the depth of knowledge he brings to the task of governing. He would immediately enter the job with a strong background in just about every topic a councilmember will encounter. And his track record demonstrates how quickly he’d get up to speed with those issues he isn’t already well versed in.

But, let’s face it, the primary concern GM has heard from his neighbors about this election is who can beat Jack Evans? And on that front, the answer is clear: Patrick Kennedy is best positioned to defeat Evans and spare our ward from the embarrassment of allowing the ethically addled Evans to steal back the seat he just quit in disgrace. Don’t take GM’s word for it, look at the polling. In a crowded election, Kennedy would draw almost twice the votes of the closest rival, Evans.:

  • Poll results:
    • Kennedy 18%
    • Evans 9%
    • Grossman 8%
    • Fanning 6%
    • Putta 5%
    • Zhang 4%
    • Pinto 2%
    • Hernandez 2%
    • Undecided 44%

The biggest takeaway is this: Kennedy has the best shot at defeating Evans, but Evans can still win this, especially with so many undecided voters, a long ballot, and a likely low-turnout voting day. So it’s all the more important to get behind the candidate who is best positioned to prevent that, and that’s Kennedy. It would be a tough choice if the best positioned candidate to beat Evans were one with little experience or a questionable grasp of the challenges facing our ward (which describes several of the other candidates), but luckily that’s not a dilemma we face.

Patrick is the best candidate to bring a new day to Ward 2. Vote Kennedy.

Voting Information

As GM has mentioned before, there will be two elections for the Ward 2 seat. The first is the Democratic primary, which is the de facto general election for the seat. The winner of this election will almost certainly win the general election in the fall and take the seat starting next January. Two weeks after the Democratic primary is a special election to fill the seat until January. Kennedy is running in both, and you should vote for him in both.

The city is strongly urging people to vote by mail. You need to request a ballot to do so. Annoyingly, you need to print the request, sign it, and mail (or email) it to the Board of Elections. However, you can download an app (either for Apple or Android) and submit your request and signature via your phone or tablet. It’s still somewhat cumbersome, and frankly the city ought to just mail every registered voter a ballot. But it’s what we’ve got to do, for now.



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2 responses to “Vote Kennedy for Ward 2

  1. I’m just curious… Jack is running in the primary, but not the special election, right? So if he were to win the primary, then the special election winner would serve only until January, when Jack would be back? (Not that I’m pushing for that outcome… just wondering…)

    Thanks for endorsing someone… I value your insight.

  2. Topher

    Correct. Jack didn’t enter the special election, but he is running for the primary, which is the more important race, frankly.

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