WMATA’s Plans to Degrade Georgetown Bus Service, Part 2

Yesterday, GM started to detail how exactly WMATA wants to make bus service in Georgetown worse. Discussing the changes to the D2 and G2 was enough for a full article. Today GM will discuss the other bad ideas WMATA has.

The first, and perhaps least controversial, involves the elimination of the 30N and 30S lines. These are the sole remaining fully crosstown 30-series routes. Once just about all of the 30-series buses traveled all the way across DC. Over the years those routes have been chopped up, with the main logic being that if you want to travel all the way across DC, you probably ought to switch to Metrorail at some point. That argument will be even stronger if WMATA goes forward with its plan to provide free transfers between bus and Metrorail.

WMATA continues to claim that the trips would be replaced by additional trips on the 31 and 33 routes. But it does not specify how many of each route would be added. The 31 is less useful for Georgetowners, since it only goes to Foggy Bottom. If you want to go further downtown, you’ll have to wait for a 33. Pretty much no matter what there will be fewer rides from Georgetown to downtown, since at least some 30N and 30S trips will be replaced by the 31. That’s unfortunate.

Speaking of WMATA taking away rides downtown, it is also proposing eliminating the D1 entirely. This rush hour service provides trips from Glover Park to Franklin Square (it used to go all the way to Union Station). Currently the D1 runs six times an hour. Since WMATA is not proposing to replace this service with any additional service, this would be a big reduction. This will of course impact those that use the D1 to get downtown. They’ll only have the D6 now (which won’t run more frequently). But it will also impact those that use the D1 to supplement the D2 and the D6 for trips between Georgetown and Dupont.

Finally, WMATA is proposing ending the D5 entirely. This route goes from Farragut Square to the Palisades, via M St. through Georgetown. Losing this takes away yet another route between downtown and Georgetown.

All in all, these changes represent a significant reduction in bus service to Georgetown, the largest residential, job, and commercial center without a Metrorail station. WMATA should reject all of them.


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