Washingtonian’s Best Restaurants Show How Georgetown Cuisine Has Changed in Ten Years

Washingtonian is out with its annual list of 100 best restaurants in DC. While it is obviously far from scientific, comparing the list to the list from ten years ago nonetheless shows how Georgetown’s position in the city’s dining scene has changed, not really for the better.

This year, Georgetown can claim just two restaurants on the list: Fiola Mare at #43 and Reverie at #64.

In 2010, Georgetown could claim four restaurants on the list: Citronelle at #5, 1789 at #31, Bourbon Steak at #35, and Hook at #81.

GM couldn’t locate the 2000 list, but looking back to 2004, Georgetown has had an even longer fall. That year it had six restaurants on the list: Bistro Lepic, Cafe Milano, Citronelle, La Chaumiere, Pizzeria Paradiso (which was just at Dupont and Georgetown at this point), and 1789. (Washingtonian didn’t rank the list in 2004).

Several stories are clear here: The restaurants that once were held in highest esteem are either closed or no longer viewed so kindly. And there haven’t been many to replace them. The larger story is that the entire city’s restaurant scene has exploded over this period, and it only makes sense that Georgetown falls back a bit. And to be fair, GM has long theorized that restaurants lose some points simply for opening in Georgetown and not a hipper neighborhood.

The good news is that some of those old favorites are still open, and probably easier to get into (and to)! And some newer restaurants that have opened in Georgetown didn’t make the list, but are still fantastic, such as Chez Billy Sud and American Eats Tavern.

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