Pot Shop Throws in the Towel

After repeated police raids, the shop selling pot has decided to move on.

Mr Nice Guys, which operated out of 1660 33rd St., opened in November, ostensibly selling t-shirts with a bag of marijuana thrown in for free. This fiction arguably allowed the shop to get around the fact that selling pot is still illegal in DC, even though possessing it isn’t. The police raided the shop in December.

But they kept in business, and the police raided the shop again in January, this time smashing through the front door with a force of nearly a dozen cops. This seems to have been the excessive force that broke that camel’s back. A sign on the door now says that Mr. Nice Guys has moved (no address is given, but there’s a phone number).

At least two other pot shops have been raided in Georgetown in the last couple months. GM’s not sure if they too are on the way out.

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