L.A. Burdick Chocolate Shop Looking Pretty Swell

After a long wait, the L.A. Burdick Chocolate shop is finally open at 1319 Wisconsin Ave. And it’s a really swell looking place.

The warmly decorated shop breaks up the deep and narrow space into a couple different areas. Chocolates dominate the front section, with luxurious looking treats both sold separately and in prepackaged boxes. A little further back and you’ll find the pastry counter, where coffee and “drinking chocolate” orders can also be placed.

In the back are a couple small seating areas for those looking to gobble down their orders as soon as possible. They are afforded a nice view into the kitchen as well:

GM had the aforementioned drinking chocolate, which is basically a very fancy hot chocolate. And it was as thick as it was good.

Despite the apparent connection to the City of Angels, the L.A. is reference to Lawrence Burdick, who started the shop in Manhattan in the 80s, before moving it to Walpole, New Hampshire of all places. This is now the shop’s sixth location.


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