Boarded Up Georgetown

Facing extended store closures, shops around Georgetown have started to get boarded up. This is part of a larger trend seen around DC, and and other cities. It would appear the owners are afraid of looters, but it sure seems like an overreaction to GM.

In Georgetown, GM only identified two shops literally boarding up. There’s Michael Kors, seen above, and Sephora:

Can’t they just unload the stores of their goods?

Speaking of unloading, the Brooks Brothers looks like its straight up closing this location. The sign is down and crews were taking everything out (and not practicing social distancing):

More common was a sort of soft-boarding up, i.e. blocking the windows from the inside:

This isn’t really going to provide any protection, but at least it might deter a burglar. Maybe.

For what it’s worth, the Apple Store didn’t put up anything. And the tables still had dozens of phones and other devices. A lone guard stared bored at her phone inside. This is probably the best approach!

Yesterday was the first day GM got out on M St. in over a week, and it was significantly changed in that time period. It is now truly a ghost town.

But when this all passes, what will remain beyond ghosts?

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