How to Vote From Home, Updated

Photo by Jacquesofalltrades.

Last month, GM told you how to get ready to vote by mail. And last week he told you to vote for Patrick Kennedy. But regardless of who you want to vote for, above all GM wants you to vote. And while there will be voting booths on election day, there will be fewer of them and plenty of reasons to avoid them if you can. So the DC Board of Elections is strongly encouraging voters to vote by mail instead. Since the upcoming primary and special elections will be a very consequential elections for Georgetowners, you ought to start the ball rolling on your absentee ballot now.

Up until last week, to get a ballot, you needed to email a request for a ballot, get it in the mail, sign it, and then mail it back. It was practically designed to depress its usage. Thankfully the BOE has seen the light, and now you can just fill out this pdf and email it to Ignore any message on the PDF about needing to sign it before sending it in. Just fill it out (you can literally just open the pdf in your browser, type in your information, and then save it to your desktop) and email it. You can also still use the Vote 4 DC app on either your apple product or android.

You will get two mail-in ballots sent separately. One is for the primary (assuming you’re registered with a party, otherwise you won’t get this at all) and the other is for the special election. The primary ballots have been going out first; GM received his last week. But the special election ballots won’t start being sent out until next week.

And just to repeat what GM wrote last month:  Georgetowners will be voting in two different elections in June. On June 2nd, there will be a Democratic primary, which will most notably be selecting the party’s candidate for Ward 2 this fall. Then two weeks later, the entire ward will be selecting a candidate to immediately take the Ward 2 seat. You should vote for Kennedy in both.


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