Get Ready to Vote by Mail

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The DC Board of Elections is strongly encouraging voters to vote by mail for the upcoming elections. And these will be consequential elections for Georgetowners, so you should act now to ensure that you take advantage of this procedure.

There used to be a time when you needed an excuse to vote absentee. But DC has long joined many jurisdictions across the country in letting you vote by mail with no excuse. And now we all have a great excuse anyway! For the elections in June, DC will only be opening only 22 voting centers (normally it’s 144). So you will be well advised to use the mail option.

Georgetowners will be voting in two different elections in June. On June 2nd, there will be a Democratic primary, which will most notably be selecting the party’s candidate for Ward 2 this fall. Then two weeks later, the entire ward will be selecting a candidate to immediately take the Ward 2 seat. This is open, of course, because Jack Evans cowardly quit in disgrace literally days before the Council was going to make him the first to ever be kicked out of the body. And then he has the god damn nerve to run for the seat, clearly banking on the fact that a crowded field means he needs only a small plurality to win. And then he has the god damn nerve to not run for the special election with the nauseating claim that it would be untoward of him to do so. Whatever you do, don’t vote for that walking ethical nightmare.

Anyway, so depending on your party registration (and you still have time to change that, if you want to vote in the only Ward 2 election that will really matter this year), you’ll be voting twice in June. Go here for information on getting a mail-in ballot.

For what it’s worth, GM will be making an endorsement before mail-in ballots begin to be accepted, so stay tuned! (But you can guess the candidate’s name won’t rhyme with Wack Wevens!)


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