COVID-19 Cases in Georgetown Still Quite Low

Last week, the city released the first map breaking down where the confirmed COVID-19 cases were found in DC. They showed that Georgetown was among the least impacted of all DC neighborhoods, west Georgetown in particular:

Other than the Bolling Air Force Base, west Georgetown was the “neighborhood” with the least cases, citywide, with only 12 confirmed. East Georgetown was more typical for wealthy neighborhoods, with 63.

But many were dissatisfied with the map, since it did nothing to take into account population density. So a reader of Prince of Petworth put together the first map above, using census data to give a per capita rate. And, well, Georgetown looks even better. West Georgetown has a third fewer confirmed cases than the second non-military base neighborhood, with 1.6 cases per 1000 residents to Capitol Hill’s 2.4. East Georgetown ticks up a few spots too.

But west Georgetown’s rate is somewhat depressed by the fact that the census data includes thousands of GU students who have left town. The school reported 40 cases across students and staff as of April 20th, but it’s unclear how many of those were students or other residents, and how many students have tested positive since leaving campus. Taking that census track out of the equation, and the rate rises to 3.1, which still would tie it for third in terms of neighborhoods least impacted.

So long story short is that Georgetown–despite being the location of the first reported case–has, like many of DC’s other wealthy neighborhoods, mostly avoided the disease. Of course you should still practice social distancing! But it’s something to be grateful for at least.

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