Volta Park Pool Cleaned For Summer that Won’t Likely Come

GM was taking his morning constitutional through Volta Park yesterday and saw that the pool was being vigorously cleaned by three workers. It will be great to dive into the pristine pool come Memorial Day, next year.

GM might have been in part responsible for this scene. Last week he noticed that the pool was about a quarter full of dark green sludge. This seemed like a great way to grow about a billion mosquitos, so he reached out to the local ANC commissioner to alert him of the problem. DPR was contacted and this appears to be the result.

It would be wonderful to believe that we’ll be swimming here this summer. But with the mayor extending the stay-at-home order yesterday until June 8th, the likelihood that pools will open this summer is basically nil.

But with luck, come the following year we’ll be past this and can enjoy such basic pleasures like a neighborhood pool again.

Here are some more shots of the workers cleaning up:


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