Pools Fully Reopen this Weekend

It was just about a year ago that GM lamented the fact that the public pools were unlikely to open that summer. And it was just last month that GM was celebrating that the pools would be open this summer, albeit with a 50% capacity limitation. Well now the city has announced that the pools are opening on time this weekend and with no limits on capacity.

This is incredibly welcome news to residents who baked with little relief from the heat last summer. Georgetowners are blessed with two fantastic outdoor pools at Volta Park and Jelleff. And it will be fantastic to take a dip soon. The hours will be the normal pre-Covid hours: 11-8 on the weekdays and 11-6 on the weekends. Volta is closed Mondays and Jelleff is closed Wednesdays.

There will be reams of papers written debating whether closing outdoor pools in the middle of a pandemic was the right call or not (particularly when you’re opening restaurants for indoor dining at the same time). But for now, let’s take a breath and dive in!


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