Respond to the Census!

Georgetowners, particularly on the west side, have some work left to do in order to satisfy their legal obligation to respond to the decennial census.

Data released by the Census Bureau states that 51% of east Georgetowners have responded to the survey so far. That lags behind the citywide response rate of 56%, which itself lags behind the national rate of 60%. Ten years ago east Georgetowners self responded at a rate of 72% when it was all said and done. (The other 18% were manually counted door-to-door, which is expensive and time consuming! And this year it’s dangerous to boot! And that’s all the more reason you should go online and submit your response.)

West Georgetowners are doing even worse. Only 51% have responded so far. In 2010, they self responded ultimately at a rate of 70%.

We can do better people! We have done better, in fact. Let’s top those 2010 response rate this year!

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