Montrose Park Tennis Courts Nearing Completion

After many, many years of disregard and disrepair, the Montrose Park tennis are back in pristine condition. The three courts have been rehabilitated as part of a wider renovation project for the lovely park. While they are not officially open yet, the nets are up and GM has already observed tennis players sneak on to get a sneak peek.

The more eastern two courts (across from the old Hurt Home) have been restored in the same alignment they have been all along. The two courts that were along the Parrot Rope Walk have been consolidated into a single court, which was the original alignment.

The courts are desperately needed for Georgetown. And GM is curious to see how they affect the availability at the other two parks. It used to be the Rose Park was the best courts, and not coincidentally the most crowded. Montrose Park had the worst, and were easiest to get a court. Volta Park was sorta in between on both measures. Now Montrose Park might boast the best courts. Will they become the most crowded?

GM hopes these courts don’t repeat history by degrading once more. But with NPS still the owner of the park, it’s a distinct possibility. With luck, the Friends of Montrose Park will help keep these courts in good condition for a long time.

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