Let’s Keep Our Lights Up!

GM says this every year, but this year his case is stronger than ever: let’s keep up our holiday light longer!

Surely it makes sense to chuck your Christmas tree and stow away your inflatable Santas come January, but it does not follow that you should take down any strings of lights or other greenery as well. We are only just entering the bleakest of midwinter, and making our streets and sidewalks darker makes no sense. And as we lumber on through yet another month of this pandemic, a little extra twinkle of light is all the more necessary.

So please join GM and keep up some lights outside your house at least to February. Our collective mental health will thank you!


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One response to “Let’s Keep Our Lights Up!

  1. Thomas Neale

    The Christmas Season continues through Epiphany. Epiphany will be celebrated on January 19 in the Julian calendar (aka “Old Style”) this year, so people should feel comfortable leaving their seasonal lights lit at least through that date.

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