Foxtrot Market Opens

A new food market has opened in Georgetown: Foxtrot Market. It’s in the former Jonathan Adler store at the corner of Wisconsin and N.

The market is part of a bougie national chain that began in Chicago six years ago. The original mission was to be a delivery company providing food and wine, but they expanded with a coffee shop. This model took off and became the blueprint for the company’s stores in the Windy City and in Dallas.

This location is the first for DC (although a second location is targeted for Mt. Vernon Triangle). The location offers a mix of takeaway meals, somewhat fancy snacks and treats, a smaller number of genuine staples, and beer and wine (with an emphasis on local breweries). And, of course, it also has a full coffee bar.

One description GM has heard for it (which doesn’t sound super flattering at first) is that it’s a mash between 7-11 and Dean and Deluca. Having visited, GM can say that this is accurate, but that all sort of depends on your opinions of 7-11 and Dean and Deluca.

The company still puts a lot of emphasis onto the delivery part of their business. You can log on to their website and they promise beer, wine and groceries all delivered within an hour. But frankly, the store itself is pretty nice, and worth skipping the delivery wait.


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