This Plant Identifying App is Pure Sorcery

GM has a bit of a green thumb and a mild obsession with trying to identify plants and trees. It’s why he started his series on street trees. Well recently a friend told him about a smartphone app that can be used to do the IDing for him, and it’s pure sorcery. If you’re like him, you might want to check it out.

The app is called Picture This and its free to download and use. You just open it up, snap a picture of the plant or tree’s leaves and literally seconds later you get an accurate answer. (And no, this isn’t a sponsored post or whatever. GM is not getting paid to say this.)

For example, GM noticed this attractive small tree in front of a house last week. He had a few guesses at what it was, but wasn’t sure. After snapping a photo he found out almost instantaneously: it’s a cherry laurel. Also recently, GM wanted to finally figure out the name of an unusual plant that has been mysteriously growing in one of his flower pots for a couple years. (Turns out it’s a lemon tree, which is crazy since GM never planted a lemon seed.)

So far, in GM’s experience, the app has an incredibly high success rate. Only once or twice did it misidentify a plant (and even then, it was dark when GM took the photo). It can even successfully tell the difference between sub-species like, for example, a normal holly tree from a false holly tree.

GM has found that he has gotten more and more interested in plants and trees the more that learns about them. If you want to follow a similar trajectory, check out the app and hit the streets!



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2 responses to “This Plant Identifying App is Pure Sorcery

  1. qstreeter

    Another app, Seek, offers the same sorcery for trees but also IDs insects, birds, frogs, fungi, everything!

  2. Not so great any longer. Will only id three plants for you before making you pay up.

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