Pools to Reopen This Summer

After a year of being denied the pleasures of the cooling refreshment of a public pool, the Mayor announced yesterday that they would be reopened this summer. There will be capacity limitations put in place, with an initial cap of 50%. But this should be very welcomed news.

Shutting down the pools last year always seemed to GM to be a mistaken reaction. It was already pretty clear that the risk of outdoor transmission was fairly low. The very same time that pools were closed, the city was opening indoor dining, an activity we knew (and still know) is among the most risky activities.

It always appeared that the city was quick to close low risk activities like playgrounds and pools (and in person schooling) because they are revenue generating. But since restaurants generate taxes and provide thousands of residents with a livelihood, the city was more lenient.

But hopefully this announcement shows that the city has learned its lesson, at least in part. And with luck, we can all dive in, newly vaccinated, come Labor Day.


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