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2 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolis

  1. Thomas Neale

    The “R” Street Gingko Watch is under way! The gingko is a common street tree on “R” Street N.W, roughly between 28th and 32nd. It’s sometimes called a “living fossil” because it has evolved very little in 51 million years. During autumn, if weather conditions are just right, gingko leaves turn the most brilliant, pure, yellow — almost butter yellow — before they drop. Equally dramatic against either a perfect blue autumnal sky, or a leaden gray one, the show almost compensates for the ghastly odor of the ripened fruit during those years when the District Government neglects to spray the female trees. The show only happens every few years, but this year looks promising, and, barring an early frost, Georgetowners and fortunate passers-by may soon be treated to a brief but beautiful display of gingko color.

  2. georgetowncitizen

    Mr. Neale is absolutely correct. We residents on R St. like to see all the “outsiders”here with their cameras every year taking photos of those three or four blocks of ginkos in echelon, which provide among the best of Georgetown’s fall spectacles. The ginkos usually turn very late in the foliage season and thus extend its beauty by a couple weeks. It’s worth the “stinky fruit”. Some of DC officialdom don’t seem to like ginkos much, even though they are among the hardiest of trees able to survive in urban environments, so we neighbors must be alert to any attempts by officialdom to cut them down. Those ill-founded initiatives arise every few years…and we oppose them. We think “our” ginkos are a magnificent autumn spectacle, fruit notwithstanding.

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