Mitchell Won’t Seek Reelection

ANC Commissioner Jenny Mitchell announced over the weekend that she will not seek reelection to her seat this fall. She wrote:

I would also like to let you know that due to work and family commitments I have made the decision to not run again for the ANC.  It has been a great honor and privilege to serve on the ANC.  We live in a wonderful community with many dedicated volunteers and professionals.   I encourage everyone to consider running for ANC 2E02 or 2E03.  If you need additional information about the ANC please contact me. 

I look forward to working together this year to finalize important projects.  Volta Park is on track and I will continue to work with DPW to achieve our timeline of completion by Fall.  Please contact me if you need anything. 

As mentioned here, Mitchell’s district is likely to be redrawn. And the blocks that will move from SMD02 to SMD07 include her own. Mitchell supports this change.

There’s an interesting historical wrinkle to that. In 1980, Polly Shackleton was the Councilmember for Ward 3, which at the time included Georgetown. Shackleton lived on Reservoir Rd., right around the corner from where Mitchell lives. Due to population changes, Georgetown had to be moved from Ward 3 to Ward 2. But as a favor to Shackleton, the city drew the infamous “Shackleton Sliver“, which kept a narrow part of Georgetown, including Shackleton’s house, in Ward 3.

No such Mitchell sliver (Mitchell Modicum?) will be drawn this time since she doesn’t want to run again anyway.

I would like to congratulate Mitchell on her great service. Despite losing to her by just 14 votes in the election, I had no intention at all at running against her again this fall. I would have happily supported her reelection.

But with her deciding against running, I am considering throwing my hat in the ring again. It’s early though, so stay tuned.


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