Live the Canal Lyfe

A rare opportunity to live the canal lyfe just hit the market. 3065 Canal St. is now for sale for just a shade over $1 million.

Canal Street might be an unfamiliar street name to you. It’s the address that those handful of homes on the canal towpath use.

The property has been owned since 1993 by Arlette Coppock, who lives upstairs and uses the first floor for her hair salon, dubbed the Fourth Lock after the canal structure out front. No word on whether she plans on continuing her business elsewhere, but the new owner will be able to explore their own options. The building is zoned to continue this mixed use.

The listing claims the building was constructed in 1903, but for what it’s worth there was a building with the exact same footprint that was there as early as 1888:

Interestingly, in some maps the towpath just west of what’s now 31st St. was called Niagara St.:

(Also, that business on Niagara St. called Tabulating Machine Co, would eventually turn into IBM.)

The home itself is pretty unusual mostly due to the hair salon and the narrow depth:

It even comes with a life preserver!

So if you’re looking for a unique location to start up your small business while living upstairs, here’s your chance!


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