Some Retail Updates

In a sign that whatever impact the pandemic had of Georgetown may be receding, several new shops are planning on opening soon.

The first is UpWest, (yet another) casual women’s clothing store. It’s coming to 3110 M St. (the former Dawn Price baby store). As an aside, GM was interviewed the other day by someone writing an article about the rise of DTC (direct to consumer) brands in Georgetown. These are those brands that start out selling directly to customers, typically over the internet, as opposed to working through a department store or other general store (think like how Warby Parker sold directly to customer instead of working through Sunglass Hut or whatever). It’s a trend GM hadn’t really focused on before, but stores like UpWest fit squarely in that trend. Expect more of that in the future.

But back to the retail update: Laveda Lash and Brow is coming in next to the Fillomena restaurant. This salon has two other locations, one of 14th St. and the other in Hyattsville.

Finally the last addition is Showfields. This will be going into the corner of 31st and M. This used to be the Brooks Brothers, but more recently it was (somewhat briefly) 31/M, a space hosting multiple vendors. The Showfields concept seems pretty similar to that. It appears to have a couple other locations where different small vendors sell art, beauty products, CBD, whatever. Not sure why this would have more success than the short-lived 31/M, but we’ll see.


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