Two Residents Announce ANC Candidacy

Two residents have announced their candidacy for two different open ANC seats this fall.

The first is Mimsy Lindner, who is running for the seat that Lisa Palmer currently holds. Here is her announcement, in part:

When I moved to Washington DC in 1984 to pursue a career in meeting planning, I never expected my
heart to land in Georgetown.     It is here that I met my husband, Rusty, and where we raised our 4
children.   I have lived in upper Georgetown (R Street), on Potomac Street (across from Booeymonger),
on 33 rd  Street (near Volta Park), and now at the Georgetown Waterfront.  Each area in Georgetown
offers something special, and each has a different personality. 
Over time I have learned that even a few blocks can make a big difference in the wants and needs of
neighbors and businesses.   Pulled together, these comprise the rich fabric that is Georgetown and are
why people love living here….

I am excited to listen to fellow Georgetowners, learn how they think we can make our neighborhood
better, and celebrate together everything that makes Georgetown such a special place to live and do
 We all need to remember why we choose to live in Georgetown.   I know that we can grow and improve
together while keeping the integrity of our historic village intact.

Lindner is a recent addition to the district she hopes to lead, but as her announcement mentions, she is long time resident of the neighborhood. She was deeply involved with Volta Park for many years, having lived right around the corner from it. Frankly the park feels a bit different without her distinctive voice calling out to her dog since she moved down to the waterfront. She’s definitely a force of nature, and is up to the task, in GM’s opinion.

The second resident to announce a run is Patrick Clawson. He announced last week:

With the sad news that Jenny Mitchell will not be running for re-election as the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for single-member district 2E02, I will be running for the post in the November 8 election. My candidacy has been endorsed by Joe Gibbons and Ron Lewis, the two commissioners who preceeded Jenny.

Many important community issues come before our ANC, including issues about city services, safety, parking, permits for construction/renovations, good relations with the university and businesses, historic preservation, and liquor licenses, among others. 

I have lived in this district for 37 years and am closely familiar with all of our community issues. I have attended most ANC meetings for the last 15 years.  I have been active in our community organizations, serving since the beginning of the Georgetown Community Partnership (the partnership on town-gown matters with the university) on the Environment and Landlord Initiative group, as well as serving for years as chair of CAG’s Trash and Rodents Committee and being active in Trees for Georgetown.

I look forward to continuing to serve the community, with your support.  Please feel free to contact me about our community and my candidacy for the ANC.


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