C’est Tout for Petite Soeur?

Last December, a fancy French bon bon shop opened at 1332 Wisconsin Ave. called Petite Soeur. The promising little shop took over a space that has a seen a succession of not-terribly long lived sweet shops (including The Cookie Jar, Beard Poppa’s and a frozen yogurt shop that went through a bunch of different names). Petite Soeur seemed far more promising as it came from a pastry chef with an impressive record. As DCist wrote:

Petite Soeur’s shoppers have a tough choice as soon as they leave the shop: Painstakingly photograph all their picturesque treats, or devour them all as soon as they can. Located in a well-lit space with modern minimalist design on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, the chic confectionary specializes in hand-painted bonbons, gold accented chocolate bars, buttery sablé cookies, and dainty one-bite treats, like dark chocolate fudge and mango-passion fruit caramels. The newly opened shop is helmed by Ashleigh Pearson, a veteran of Thomas Keller’s Michelin 3-star Per Se in New York and Marcel’s by Robert Wiedmaier in D.C.

But sadly it appears that Petite Soeur might join these other former tenants of 1332 Wisconsin Ave. The shop hasn’t opened in months. A note on the shop’s Intagram account from April offers an explanation:

GM reached out to Petite Souer to inquire if they do in fact still plan to reopen, but he has not heard back.

Hopefully then can turn it around, as the neighborhood would be a little sweeter with them around.


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