Tugooh Toys on the Move Again

As GM reported back in June, Shouk a Tel Aviv streetfood restaurant, is coming to 1426 Wisconsin Ave. That was until very recently the home of Tugooh Toys. Parents like GM (who are often having to get presents for birthday parties at the last minute) should be relieved: Tugooh Toys is staying in Georgetown.

As announced on the door of the now-old location, Tugooh is moving in to 1440 Wisconsin Ave. This was the location of the long shuttered Avocado Cafe (which made a decent slice of New York style pizza in GM’s opinion).

Tugooh Toys has had to move around a bit over the years. Way back in 2008 it was up at 1419 Wisconsin, just below P. Then by 2009 it was way down at 1319 Wisconsin (where L.A. Burdick is now). It made its way up to 1353 Wisconsin next to the old Georgetown Theater (i.e. the Compass Coffee now) at a time when that was a pretty rough looking block. Then finally it moved to 1426 Wisconsin Ave. a few years ago. All in all, it’s a survivor! And we’re all the better for it.


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