Update from Hyde-Addison

At the request of a reader, who is also a Hyde-Addison parent, GM is going to run the monthly PTA update as a way to better get the good word out on Hyde to the Georgetown community. Here’s this month’s!:

It’s time for the monthly update for neighbors of Hyde Addison Elementary School!
The 2022/2023 school year has begun. The first day of school was August 29 th for grades K through 5 and September 1 st for the PK-3 and PK-4 classes. For the 2022/2023 school year, Hyde has 380 total students, withan average class size of 19 (not including Hyde’s PK 3 class which is capped at 16).

Though I have lived in Georgetown and Burleith for almost 15 years, my family is new to the school, with one student in Kindergarten and another in PK3. We love heading to school each day. I am always happy to answer your questions about the school. By the way, the school’s playground is open to the public on weekends and all are welcome to enjoy this community resource (but please don’t leave behind trash or any other items).

Hyde’s PTA is in the midst of its largest fundraiser of the year “The Great Envelope Race,” with a goal of
raising $40,000 to cover school needs beyond the basics provided to the school from its budget from the city. Every donation helps (my wife and I gave $800!) and I encourage you all to consider giving. Learn more here:

Separately, if you are interested in supporting the school by eating pizza, mark your calendars! &pizza (1335 Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown) is hosting a fundraiser benefiting Hyde’s PTA on Tuesday 9/13 from 11am- close. When the code “HYDE” is used at checkout either in the store or on the &pizza app, Hyde PTA’s receives 50% of the sale.

Your support of Hyde is welcome and much appreciated!  
Phil Mone
R St in Burleith


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