Word Bracelet Store Coming

Little Words Project, a store that claims to sell the “original word bracelet”, is coming to Wisconsin Ave. The location will be 1246 Wisconsin Ave., just south of N St.

What’s a word bracelet, you ask? Well, it’s a bracelet with words in it, like the ones your kids probably have if you have kids:

But unlike the ones your kids might have, these are super expensive. Browsing the website it looks like they run from about $25 and up. GM’s pretty sure you could get something similar from a craft store for a couple bucks, but these can be registered apparently, so there’s that. Now, how they claim to have the original word bracelet when GM’s pretty sure kids have been wearing bracelets like this for generations is a bit of a mystery.

This will be the store’s fourth location. This storefront has been vacant since Tumi moved out a few years ago. No word on when it will open.


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