Mattress Store Coming to Wisconsin Ave.

A new mattress store is coming to Wisconsin Ave. Specifically, Sleep Number is coming to 1239 Wisconsin Ave.

The signage on the window indicates that it’s coming Summer 2022. As you may have noticed, Summer 2022 is now in the past. So lacking a time machine, Sleep Number will probably not open by then. (And were they to actually have a time machine, they probably should get into a different business than selling mattresses.)

This business will fill a space that has been empty a couple years since the Ann Taylor Loft closed.

While GM doesn’t expect to be in the market for a new mattress soon, he’s glad to see some more retail variety to come. Georgetown’s retail has been at risk of becoming a bit of a monoculture with the dominance of women’s clothing stores. This store will actually mean there will be three different mattress stores in Georgetown (Sleepy’s and Avocado being the other two).


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