Celebrate the Armillary Sphere’s Return

This Sunday, the historic armillary sphere has returned to Montrose Park. workers installed the marker this week. And the Friends of Montrose Park will mark the occasion this Sunday in the park’s Rose Garden from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

The sphere was originally placed in the park to honor Sarah Louisa Rittenhouse by the Georgetown Garden Club in 1956. Rittenhouse was largely responsibly for convincing Congress to purchase the grounds of the former Montrose estate for a public park in 1911.

The sphere was ripped off its pedestal a couple years ago. Luckily it was found nearby and can be restored. This actually wasn’t the first time the sphere was vandalized. In 1969 it was stolen and eventually ended up in some azalea bushes outside the Washinton Star newspaper. Let’s hope there’s not a third time!

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