GLOW Returns

Georgetown GLOW has returned once again, as you may have already seen. The light exhibits will be on display until January 22nd. This year the sculptures are grouped in the southern part of the neighborhood, as you can see in this map:

The most striking display is All the Light You See, by Alicia Eggert. It stands along the river right at Wisconsin Ave.:

Lights in the Sky
Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

But the other exhibits are worth checking out too. Here’s Light Falls at 2918 M St.:

Here’s Butterfly Effect in the courtyard of Grace Episcopal:

And Picto Send, which captures your silhouette in lights, located at the Georgetown Harbour:

And finally, Cloud Swing, located next to the old Dean and Deluca:

It’s obviously best to visit them at night, but luckily nighttime is something we’ve got a lot of this time of year. So check them out!


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