Bank Contraction Continues

The excessive footprint of banks continues to contract in Georgetown. Recently the Chase ATM storefront at M and 34th closed. This is on top of the Capital One, M&T Bank, and the HSBC Bank branches closing in recent years.

The Chase footprint was (and remains) truly excessive. As part of its splashy entry into the DC area back in 2018, the New York bank opened three goddamn locations in Georgetown. That included converting the historic Neam’s market at P and Wisconsin, another location just east of M and Wisconsin, and this ATM storefront. It was, in my estimation, far more about using the locations like billboards rather than any calculated customer service strategy. Have you ever seen a customer actually enter the location at P St.? I sure haven’t.

With this explosive success of Yellow just across the street, you can’t help but wonder what would be the scene if the bank with no customers simply swapped places with the cafe with no available chairs. Or better yet, just went away entirely. One can dream…


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2 responses to “Bank Contraction Continues

  1. henrytow

    Heh Heh.
    Have been wondering the same for years.

  2. kerlin4321

    Good riddance. Neams should come back as a market or restaurant.

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