District Donut Returns, Now on M St.

Signage on 3333 M St. announces that District Donut is planning to re-open a Georgetown location at that spot. No information on timeframe, but I can’t imagine it will take too long, since their operation is pretty simple.

Sweets lovers will remember that the donut shop was tucked away on Cady’s Alley for years. It was a classic Eastbanc style pop-up, in that it was described as a pop-up when it opened but remained open way past what you’d consider normal for a pop-up. But the tough location and the pandemic finally popped the pop-up last year.

But happiness returns with this new location on a much more busy street.

This location has quite some history to it. Longtime Washingtonians will immediately recognize it as a former Little Tavern burger shop. This chain carpeted the DMV with identical green-and-white huts. And many still remain despite the chain collapsing decades ago. (There’s another fairly intact example in Georgetown at the northeast corner of N and Wisconsin).

This building is also notable for being the location of the very first Sweetgreen shop, opened by GU grads in 2007. After the large location at Wisconsin Ave and Grace opened, the chain stopped using the building at 3333 M. Later it was used by the company for its short-lived “Tavern” concept (which was a nod to the Little Tavern roots). This was a small food market that focused on local goods. It never reopened after Covid hit and the building has remained empty ever since.


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