Pickleball Court Painted at Volta

A group of volunteers gathered on Saturday to paint a new pickleball court at Volta Park. The court was painted on the basketball court. Hopefully it will help alleviate the excess in demand for court-time for this growing sport. And it does so without angering the sworn enemies of pickleball players: tennis players.

When used, this will, of course, take space from the basketball court. But honestly it is rarely the case that all four nets are being used at once. And if conflicts do arise, we can start setting aside time for one sport or the other.

With assistance from DPR, we were able to get down some clean lines.

Unfortunately we had a bit of a paint spill mishap at the southwest corner, but some diligent and heroic mopping up helped salvage the court.

The Friends of Volta Park are planning on obtaining a net and other supplies to be used with the court. They are also envisioning organized tournaments between Volta Park and Rose Park picklers. It’s like West Side Story but even sillier sounding!



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